Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shhh it smells!

Today was laundry day. I was careful to check all my pockets before throwing my jeans into the washer. Usually I find tissue, change, or bills. Today I found a fortune from a fortune cookie: A SWEET SURPRISE AWAITS YOU

I was eager to learn what my sweet surprise would be. But, I decided to forget about it, because thinking about it would jinx the surprise. Minutes later my neighbor came over with concerns. Apparently, a cap blew off an outside pipe on my unit and left quite a mess!
Plumbers have taken 5 different trips out to my unit peppering their incompetence upon each visit, but this sewage outcry certainly takes the cake. Please note, the white splotches are saturated toilet paper.
"Poop and pee need to
travel much farther than
a backyard"
-- Dan Thomsen

1 comment:

Felicity said...

I had pipe problem before, but nothing like this.